Any user who has created an account. Edits by members cause otherwise Moderator Approved records to be marked as Needs Approval.
(Synonyms – editor, authenticated user, contributor)

A member with extra rights, Moderators are experts in their field. They can approve record changes, create Projects and can invite other researchers to be Moderators.

Design & Art Australia Online Manager
A site administrator. Design & Art Australia Online staff.
(Synonyms – maintainer, administrator.)

A unit of metadata. For example ‘birth date’, or ‘exhibition title’.

All the information we have about a person. That includes the biographical prose and field data.

Prose Text
This is the biographical prose within a biographical record.

A very brief biographical record in need of more information. You’ll see an invitation to add more information to a stub at the bottom of the prose field.

Moderator Approved
A record that has been approved by a Moderator.

Double-Blind Peer Reviewed
A prose text that has been anonymously peer reviewed by at least two reviewers (peer and board) prior to publication.

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