How we are organised

2014-15 Design & Art Australia Online Project Team are:
Lead Chief Investigator – Prof Ross Harley
Project Manager – Ms Olivia Bolton
Data Manager – Ms Somaya Langley
Semantic Advisor – Dr Anne Cregan
Project Administrator – Annie Murney

Design & Art Australia Online is governed by a Management Committee comprising representatives of the University of Sydney and University of NSW and Chief Investigators.

Members of the Management Committee are:
Mr Andrew Wells, UNSW University Librarian, UNSW (Committee Chair)
Prof. Ross Harley, Head of School of Media Art, College of Fine Arts, UNSW (LIEF Lead Chief Investigator)
Prof. Mark Ledbury, Power Professor of Art History and Visual Culture & Director of the Power Institute, University of Sydney
Prof Jill Bennett, Director NIEA, COFA, UNSW
Prof Deb Verhoeven, Chair of Media and Communication, Deakin University
A/Prof. Joanna Mendelssohn, College of Fine Arts, UNSW (Co-Editor in Chief)
Maude Frances, Manager UNSW Library Repository Services
Ms Susan Lafferty, Director of Digital Library Services, UNSW

Research Leadership
Chief Investigators on our current LIEF provide domain expertise and research leadership.

Current Chief Investigators are:
Prof Ross Harley (Lead Chief Investigator), UNSW
Prof Jaynie Anderson, University of Melbourne
Prof Jill Bennett, UNSW
Prof Mark Ledbury, USyd
Prof Deb Verhoeven, Deakin University
Prof Marie Sierra, UTAS
Prof Peter McNeil, UTS
A/Prof Alison Inglis, University of Melbourne
A/Prof Joanna Mendelssohn, UNSW
A/Prof Catherine Speck, University of Adelaide
Dr Jennifer Biddle, UNSW

Content Oversight
Design & Art Australia Online’s Editorial Board oversee peer-reviewed content and editorial policy.

Members of the Editorial Board are:
A/Prof Joanna Mendelssohn, UNSW (Editor-in-Chief)
Professor Ross Harley, UNSW
A/Prof Catherine Speck, University of Adelaide
Dr Catherine De Lorenzo, UNSW
A/Lecturer Tess Allas, UNSW
Mr Michael Bogle, Design Historian
Mr Eric Riddler, Art Gallery of NSW
Ms Gael Newton, National Gallery of Australia

Technical Oversight
Technical Advisory Committee provides expertise and oversight on technical development for the project.
Members of the Technical Advisory Board are:
Prof Ross Harley, UNSW Art & Design
Mr Dan Collins, (Acting) Head Digital Strategy and Web Innovation, Museum of Applied Arts & Sciences – Powerhouse Museum
Michael Parry, Director Public Engagement, Museum of Applied Arts & Sciences – Powerhouse Museum
Mr Patrick Stoddart, Senior Project Officer, E-learning, UNSW
Arif Shaon, Library Repository Services, UNSW Library
Ramil Alvarez, Library Application Support Unit, UNSW Library