Peer review

Only academic researchers can request this service as it is subject to very stringent conditions. Biographies submitted for peer-review (and only those submitted for peer-review) have a minimum recommended length of 2,500 words. Once peer-reviewed, the biographical text in these entries cannot be edited.


1. Work submitted for peer review must be original research (i.e. not a reworking of others’ previously published work on the artist) and make a substantial contribution to knowledge of that artist.

2. All sources referred to must be clearly identified so the referee can access them.

3. Follows the current DAAO guidelines for publications.


1. If you believe your work warrants academic peer-reviewing please contact DAAO staff. The biography will then be submitted to one of the Editors-in-chief in a format that does not identify the author. The Editors-in-chief will manage the refereeing process.

2. The biography will then be forwarded to two board members or appropriate experts in the field.

3. The time frame for review is subject to reviewer availability.